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Edamame on fire (vg)    5.0
beans steamed and grilled, served with ponzu sauce and kimchi-flavoured sesame

MEDIUM plates

Fried Caulliflower (v)    11
fried, served with soy sauce anD YUZU hot sauce
(Vegan version available with Goma Truffle sauce)
SHAKE & RANOU DONBURI           12
Spicy mayo tartare salmon, topped with sticky
marinated egg yolk & Furikake on a bed of rice

Salmon TATAKI           13
lightly grilled salmon in ponzu and yuzu kosho,
topped with tosazu and seasonal herbs

Salmon & Avocado tartare            11
salmon and avocado, yuzu miso sauce, topped with shiso leaves

Grilled Hotate beautiful mess      13
flamed Japanese scallop, shiso leaves, ito togarashi, yuzu hot sauce

Aburi shime saba         12
grilled vinegared mackerel, served with ginger, herbs, and salt

Mushroom sauteed  (V)               12
Seasonal mushroom sauteed with sake rice wine and soy butter

2 pcs per portion

SHAKE                           9
salmon & spicy goma sauce

ChIIZU                          7
emmental cheese with bacon, house sauce

Mushroom (vg)                7
mushroom + yuzu miso sauce


Matcha Panna Cotta         6

Neko icon_02-01.png

At Neko, we serve Japanese soul food with our own twist. The core spirit of an Izakaya is a lot of small and medium-sized dishes, made for sharing..

We recommend that you share the food. You can start with 3 dishes per person, and order more later if you are still hungry.

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