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At Neko Izakaya, we serve Japanese soul food with our own twist. The core spirit of an Izakaya is a lot of small and medium-sized dishes, made for sharing.

We recommend that you share the food. You can start with 3 dishes per person,

and order more later if you are still hungry.

First bites

Edamame on fire (v)    5.0
beans steamed and grilled, served with ponzu sauce and kimchi-flavoured sesame

Fried Cauliflower (v)    6.0
fried, served with soy sauce and Vietnamese hot sauce

Second small plates

Beef tataki                  12
slightly flamed raw beef, wasabi miso sauce and seasonal herbs
Salmon sashimi           11
raw salmon, ponzu sauce, & spicy fermented plum

Salmon Tartare            11
salmon and veggies, yuzu miso sauce & shiso leaves

Salmon Tataki              12
slightly flamed salmon, ponzu sauce and rucola cress

Portobello sashimi (v)    11
steamed portobello mushroom, sweet soy sauce & seaweed caviar

Sushi nigiri - Fish Fantastic Four      11
4 pcs of seasonal fish or seafood nigiri by chef's choice

Sushi nigiri - Veggie Fantastic Four  10
4 pcs of seasonal vegan nigiri by chef's choice

Third skewers
2 pcs per portion

Pork belly                       7
pork belly & yuzu miso sauce

Salmon                          7
salmon & spicy goma sauce

Cheese ft. Bacon             6
emmental cheese with bacon, no sauce needed

Tofu (v)                          6
tofu & yakitori sauce

Mushroom (v)                 7
mushroom & sweet soy sauce

Fourth dessert

Lime and matcha sorbet, salted miso caramel      6