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Dear friends, peers, and food lovers of Helsinki, 

I sat in the space of our @kokorohelsinki in Kallio remembering my trip to Japan in 2018 where I got the chance to witness the after-work munching and dining culture of the Japanese. They, from all classes of society, gathered at the Izakaya - a form of a casual bar where they can be loud, enjoying sake, beers, and small plates of soul foods. In Finland, people mostly know about Japanese food through Sushi, however, we know that there are so many more types of delicacies that people would love once they got the chance to try. 

So my partner and I came up with the idea for a new Japanese-themed eatery with a casual vibe in mind, serving small-to-medium plates of soul foods for people to share while they enjoy their conversations over some cold drinks after work. 

We strongly believe that our Neko Izakaya will bring more colors to the foodie scene of Helsinki, making it even more vibrant, especially in an already exciting and artsy area like Kallio-Sörnäinen. 

We look forward to meeting you at Neko! 


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